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Weanlings – Yearlings

Proven Boars & Sows

Bred Gilts & Sows

Meat Barrows

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Outdoor Companion KuneKunes  

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Offering 13 Distinct Bloodlines


 Boris / Tonganui / Andrew / Te Whangi / Mahia Love


Kereopa / Tapeka / Awakino / Trish / Jenny / Rebecca Gina / Wilson’s Gina / Rona


About Us

Devon Woodward and Terri Decock run BBS Ranch, 40 acre hobby farm in the RM of Grey, located in central Canada at Haywood, Manitoba. Close to the North Dakota border.

In the fall of 2014 the KuneKune venture began. After settling on a KuneKune breeder in Ohio and purchasing a breeding group of 4, the importation process began. Once it became clear just how lengthy the importation would be it was decided to purchase an additional breeding group and bring them at the same time. A full year later 8 beautiful Registered Purebred KuneKunes arrived at the Ranch!

Fredericka Wagner and her staff from Flying W Farms, Ohio USA, were incredibly patient, helpful and amazing through out the many months it took to accomplish our goal!! We can’t thank them enough!!


      • Only our very best piglets, conforming to breed standards, will be offered to our clients as registered breeding stock. We will retain piglets for our own breeding program as well.
      • Prettiest Markings, lacking conformation, will be spayed/neutered and sold as companion animals.
      • All remaining piglets will be placed into our pasteurized pork program for our very own line of sausages and burgers.

mb-mapBBS Ranch Fun Facts:

1. “BBS” stands for BEG, BORROW and STEAL! A term of endearment that stuck over 20 years ago whe we bought the farm and had nothing but a broken down truck and a kitchen table with a 2×4 for one of its legs!

2. All of our Breeding KuneKunes are named after Manitoba towns with the exception of our herd sire.
Manitoba” (Manny for short)
Fannystelle, Button, Birtle, Carman, Dakota, DeloraineBrandon, Sanford, Bethany, Shilo, Dyce, Somerset, Sperling, Sundance, Roseisle, Justice, Hartney, Boyd, Winkler, Morden, Chesnaye, Arizona, Rembrandt, Prospector, Laurier, Flin, Lorette, Luke, Lavinia, Lenore, Vivian, Novra, Miami, Waskada, Delta, Darlingford, Virden, Ninette, Kaleida, Falcon and Brinkild.  

Some of these wonderful KuneKunes have moved on to other Canadian farms as we move forward breeding our 2nd and 3rd generation Pigs.

All our KuneKunes are DNA tested Registered with the AKKPS.

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