Why The KuneKune?

What makes them so special is their ability to fit so many markets.

They are a medium sized pig which makes them perfect for any size of farm. Adult males maturing in the 250-325 range, females 200-250 range. Although larger and smaller adults have been known.

Most characteristic of the KuneKune is its short, upturned snout, making them suitable for grazing and less prone to rooting.

They have the most endearing looks. Their bat like face, wattles (tassles hanging from the chin on either sides of their face), various colors, markings and coat types are difficult to resist.

KuneKunes are extremely social/human friendly, do not become aggressive, are not prone to wondering, and do not challenge fencing like their cousins.

Their laid back, docile personalities along with their hardiness make them perfect for first time pig owners. High intelligence makes them easily trained as well.

Although they are able to fatten and actually thrive on grass alone we offer a very small ration of soaked non GMO grain to our breeders for condition.

Requiring minimal housing in the winter and only ½ acre to sustain 2 grazing adults in the summer, they make fantastic breeding/companion animals for any small property/hobby farm.

Also known as the “Orchard Pig” KuneKunes are a perfect fit for orchards, eating the windfall fruit, fertilizing the grounds and gentle with the trees. They also do a fine a job of clearing out woods, and cleaning gardens up at the end of the season.

The Truly Multi-Purpose Pig!

  • Breeding

  • Show

  • Pets

  • Petting Zoos

  • Public Zoos

  • Companion Animals

  • Therapy Animals

  • Orchard Cleaners

  • Garden Cleaners

  • Woodland Cleaners

  • High End Organic Pork

  • Sustainable, Economical, Commercial Farming

  • Homesteaders Sustainable Meat & Lard Supply

For more information about these amazing creatures please visit the AKKPS website below. We are Registered Breeders with them and all our KuneKunes are registered thru them.